Tales from Astrid’s Nemeton

Photographs by Aoife Lorefield and Gwaloth

Canals of Caring
by Moira Draconia

Astrid is a caring spirit
her canals criss cross
every which way
she pours forth lifegiving water
and a welcoming breeze
she made she to lay bridges
and trees with deep roots
to ensure her healing green lands
have stability
nature takes over
growing through the windows of
our perception
sometimes we cannot stop the growth
but learn to work with it
finding new ways to weave
these wildly growing roots
we are only limited by our imaginations
of where we can direct the unstoppable
sometimes we need to dig deep
to find treasure in the chaos of this growth
the flowers of compassion grow great down there
around so many bends
the spirit finds a way
to set sail
my favorite places
take brave exploring to reach


Behind the Mists
by Caledonia Skytower

What lies behind the shroud,
pouring forth from ancient stone,
seeping legendary journeys,
mythical romances.

The light of dawn reveals
the skipping of fairy feet
and titanic battles between
kings and queens.

Morning light brings laughter
and foibles anew, follies
revealed to delight
the eye and ear.

Noontide and the return of wit
A man’s determination
gains a mind of its own, not
an absurd ideal.

The afternoon shadows warm
with cheerful invitation,
light and energy, geared
to everyone’s pleasure.

Evening sets a sly smile
as nothing becomes something,
lovers cross, uncross, re-cross,
thwarting ill intent.

Finally night, and the shades
of moon and shadow play
in an eternal spectacle, magic
of its own generation.

What lies behind the misty veil,
what pours forth from rocks.
The endless stories of life
waiting, watching,
behind the mists.

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