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Welcome to the tabletop games section of the Fantasy Faire website. Here you will find all information pertaining to our game sessions that are being hosted at the Faire. Please note that much of this information is subject to change as needed, so it’s important to come back here prior to game day to get the final word on the schedule. If you have any questions, you may contact one of our staff members (listed below) pertaining to your specific question subject. Otherwise, you may contact the Tabletap Games General Manager, Nyza Stillwater, in-world, or via e-mail at When making inquiries in-world, please be sure to send in a notecard so we do not miss your message.



Since 2018, Fantasy Faire has hosted a series of tabletop gaming sessions that have been open to the general public. Games provide a unique opportunity for players to tell a story together while having a good time. Much like the novice adventurer who answers the call to rid a town full of monsters, or to dive recklessly into a cave that promises treasure, games spark the imagination and everyone contributes to the team effort regardless of their overall abilities.

For 2019, we plan to keep most of what made last year great while sprinkling in and experimenting with a few new things. Our team has expanded this year and we have more volunteers than ever before. One of the exciting new additions this year is that we are gifting all members of the audience the ability to alter the hands of fate. In exchange for harnessing the powers of your generosity through charitable contributions, you will be able to utilize “story-altering” abilities in a multitude of ways. Such powers may come in the form of granting player character’s new abilities, sudden and unexpected celebrity encounters,  dice re-rolls, and so on. Perhaps that Elven Ranger that you love so much would suit your tastes better if he sounded like the Incredible Hulk, or the usually cocky and mountainous Dwarf suddenly thrusts at the cavern troll with his mighty yo-yo while he’s ‘walking the dog’, instead of an ax, because fate works in mysterious ways. Such unique powers don’t always come cheap, and rarely are they everlasting, but, you can do a world of good while making sure the game party’s greatest challenge isn’t so much the enemies they face or the traps they disarm, but rather, it’s the devilish ideas that our sadistic audience members may come up with! We can help others while having a good times ourselves – it’s a win-win for all! Of course, you can always freely donate without ever giving into temptation with fate, and you will be appreciated just as much.



Nyza Stillwater – General Manager

Nyza is the general “go-to person” for Tabletop Gaming at the Faire. He heads the administration, planning, recruitment, and more.

Contact Nyza if you have a question related to:

  • General Information, Rules, Requirements, Volunteering, etc.
  • Scheduling
  • Tabletop Auctions (Redemption)


Skeleton (Kitori Unplugged) – Assistance, Consultant, and Head GM

Skeleton assists Nyza with everything related to tabletop and is the the one who is overseeing our Game Masters, being an excellent Game Master herself. If you need assistance and Nyza isn’t around, you can contact her. If you need some general tips on how to run a game, you may direct questions to her pertaining to that topic as well. She is also the owner of the Nerdy Birdy store and you may see some of her wonderful creations at Tabletop Central.

​Contact “Kit” if you have a question related to:

  • Game Sessions – General Assistance
  • GM (Game Master) Assistance
  • Scheduling​


Remnant Ashbourne – Tabletop Technician

Remnant is the maker of the studioDire Tabletop System, which we are using to help us run our games at the Faire. He’s also just a really generous and kind soul and often makes little props or decorations for us, such as the “Honey Pot” for Honey Heist 2018. Look for a booth of his wares at Tabletop Central

​Contact Remnant if you have a question related to:

  • Technical Problems
  • studioDire Help & Assistance

For technical problems outside of Tabletop Central, contact a member of the Fantasy Faire Staff.


Tabletop Games in 2018

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