Silent Auction

Silent Auction
The Silent Auction in Genesia

The Silent Auction is an ongoing auction featuring plenty of one-of-a-kind items, enormous fatpacks, and rare deals.

The auction naturally benefits Relay For Life. Browse the auction, make your bids, and make sure to check back often to make sure you’re still the highest bidder! The auction board sends you a message when you’re outbid, but it is best to still check just in case to ensure you are still the highest bidder!

The Silent Auction takes place in Genesia.

The Auction ends officially at 5 PM SLT on Saturday, April 27th.

Duplicate or similar items will be ending 15 minutes or more after this time, check each board for its ending time in case you want to be absolutely sure that you’ll have the winning bid in!

If you want to browse and window-shop the items in advance, we have a Pinterest Gallery for the Silent Auction!


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