Shopping Catalogue 2018

Shopping has never been easier at Fantasy Faire!

You can find straight booth SLurls to all the Faire-stores on this page, your favorite must-visit shopping spots just a click away!

If you want to window-shop first, please visit our Shopping Catalogue in Pinterest, where our Pinterest Team has set up all the new event releases for your browsing pleasure!

Pinterest Shopping Catalogue

1313 Mockingbird Lane (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

3rd Eye Perceptions (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

A Fantasy Creators Collective (Location in Aetherea)

{Acios} (Location in Falls of Hope)

Adorably Strange Wares (Location in Falls of Hope)

Air (Location in Erstwhile)

alpha.tribe (Location in Aetherea)

*Amaranthus* (Location in Erstwhile)

An Lema (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Analog Dog Hair (Location in Falls of Hope)

The Annex (Location in Erstwhile)

Anteater Emporium (Location in Erstwhile)

Aphrodite Shop (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

.Arcadia. (Location in Severina)

Artisan Fantasy (Location in Aetherea)

Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers (Location in Erstwhile)

Astrae Cosmetics (Location in the Willows of Nienna)

Atomic Kitties (Location in Tiny Town)

Attitude is an Artform (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Avatar Bizarre (Location in Sanoria)

-AZUL- (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Bad Katz (Location in Falls of Hope)

Balderdash (Location in Aetherea)

Banana Banshee (Location in Aetherea)

BananaN (Location in Sanoria)

Bare Rose (Location in Aetherea)

BattleBeast Breedables (Location in Severina)

Belle Epoque (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Beyond Majestic: The fantasy side of life (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Birth (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

::Bite&Claw:: (Location in Falls of Hope)

BLD (Location in Falls of Hope)

Bliensen + MaiTai (Location in Erstwhile)

Blue’s Honey Do List Shop (Location in Severina)

Boudoir (Location in Aetherea)

Building Daydreams (Location in Aetherea)

Carrie’s Lingerie (Location in Sanoria)

The Cat and Fiddle/Callista’s Closet/King’s Kitchen/Timeless Treasures (Location in Tiny Town)

:::c*C*c::: (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Cerridwen’s Cauldron (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

ChiC buildings (Location in Sanoria)

ChiMia (Location in Falls of Hope)

[CIRCA] Living (Location in Erstwhile)

Cole’s Corner (Location in Erstwhile)

The Crosstime Garage (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

The Crystal Clothing Co. (Location in Aetherea)

Cubic Cherry (Location in Aetherea)

Curious Kitties (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Dandelion Daydreams Factory (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

The Dark Fae (Location in Sanoria)

Dark Passions (Location in Severina)

.~Deadly Nightshade~. (Location in Sanoria)

Designs by Isaura (Location in Tiny Town)

!dM deviousMind (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

((*DMC*)) (Location in Sanoria)

DoggMata Poses (Location in Sanoria)

Dragon Magick Wares (Location in Sanoria)

[Drakes] (Location in Falls of Hope)

*~ Dream Things ~* (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Dreaming Thicket (Location in Sanoria)

Eagle’s Photo Studio (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

.: Eclectic Stars :. (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

=ED= Eagle Designs Clothing & Weapons (Location in Sanoria)

EED Home&Garden (Location in Erstwhile)

*Elite Equestrian* (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Elven Forest (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Emerald Hurst (Location in Falls of Hope)

Empyrean Forge (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Endless Pain Tattoos (Location in Severina)

Entice (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Epic (Location in Tiny Town)

Eternal Dream (Location in Sanoria)

E.V.E (Location in Erstwhile)

[EvelineInTheBox] (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

:[Even~Tide]: (Location in Severina)

Fae Fantasy Creations (Location in Tiny Town)

Faeline Fairy (Location in Falls of Hope)

FAIDA (Location in Aetherea)

Fallen Gods Inc. (Location in Aetherea)

Fantasy China (Location in Falls of Hope)

Fantavatar & Moonstruck (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Feyline Fashions (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Fifties Dinkies (Location in Tiny Town)

Firelight (Location in Erstwhile)

The Forge (Location in Sanoria)

FreakyDesign (Location in Tiny Town)

Fuubutsu Dou (Location in Falls of Hope)

Ghoul 喰種 – グール (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Global Nomads (Location in Sanoria)

Goth1c0 (Location in Severina)

Grogo’s Gadgets (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

GUARAN-DOU (Location in Tiny Town)

Gypsy Wolf (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

HarshLands (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Heraldic (Location in Tiny Town)

House of RFyre (Location in Aetherea)

Icaland Ind. (Location in Severina)

Illusions: Masks and Unique Accessories (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Impulse Control (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Infinity (Location in Falls of Hope)

~Jeanette’s Joint~ (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Jewelry by Jake (Location in Falls of Hope)

Jinx (Location in Tiny Town)

John Dee’s Emporium (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Jolly Tinker (Location in Aetherea)

Just Imagine by Vita Theas (Location in Sanoria)

Kaerri (Location in Severina)

Kio-Kio (Location in Aetherea)

Kitty Creations (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Kittycat’s Creations (Location in Tiny Town)

Lacrime dell’anima (Location in Aetherea)

The Lands of Luth  (Location in Severina)

~Lantian/Flox~ (Location in Sanoria)

Last Ride (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Les Encantades (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Letituier (Location in Sanoria)

Lilith’s Den (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Little 2 Large (Location in Tiny Town)

The Little Bat (Location in Severina)

The Looking Glass (Location in Erstwhile)

Lore (Location in Severina)

Lorin’s Sound Effects Shack (Location in Tiny Town)

The Lost Unicorn Gallery (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

.:* LOULOU&CO *:. (Location in Falls of Hope)

LOVE by Krystali Rabeni (Location in Sanoria)

LuLu (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Lumae (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Lunar Seasonal Designs (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Lyrical Bizarre Templates (Location in Tiny Town)

MacMoragh an Gabha (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

((*MDD*)) (Location in Sanoria)

Mermaid Treasure Boutique (Location in Aetherea)

Mindgardens Creations (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

MishMash Fusion (Location in Falls of Hope)

Mistique (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

:=- momomuller / 3M -=: mens pose & MMMA (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Moonlight Shadow (Location in Severina)

Moonlitecat Creations  (Location in Sanoria)

MurTails (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Musa (Location in Aetherea)

The Muses (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

~Mystic Sky~ (Location in Severina)

~Mythril~ (Location in Tiny Town)

NAMINOKE (Location in Severina)

ND/MD (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

[NEPHILIM] (Location in Severina)

The NeoVictoria Project (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

NEWCHURCH (Location in Erstwhile)

The Olde Attic (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

On A Lark (Location in Aetherea)

Organica & Wilds of Organica (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Oubliette (Location in Severina)

Pan’s Tiny Boutique (Location in Tiny Town)

.:Partners in Crime:. (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Peep’s Dinkies/Jenara (Location in Tiny Town)

%Percent Furniture & Lighting (Location in Erstwhile)

Pixie Kiss (Location in Sanoria)

Plastik (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Poet’s Heart (Location in Falls of Hope)

Polenth’s Mushporium (Location in Tiny Town)

Poseidon (Location in Falls of Hope)

Prehistorica: The Dawn Kingdoms (Location in Sanoria)

+Psycho Barbie+ (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Rainy Fey Creations (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Raven Bell (Location in Erstwhile)

The Republic of Cala Mondrago (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Rivendale (Location in Aetherea)

Roawenwood (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Roped Passions (Location in Severina)

Ro’s Mermaids (Location in Falls of Hope)

SAKIDE (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Sandhands (Location in Sanoria)

Satyr’s Moon (Location in Aetherea)

Scarlet Fey (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Scrap (Location in Erstwhile)

Secrets of Gaia (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Semi-Precious (Location in Sanoria)

Senzafine (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

[Seydr] (Location in Erstwhile)

SHANGHAI (Location in Tiny Town)

SHIVA (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Silvan Moon Designs (Location in Aetherea)

Simply Shelby (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Sinful Needs (Location in Severina)

Solarium (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

~Soraida~ (Location in Falls of Hope)

.:Soul:. (Location in Aetherea)

SouthSide Modeling (Location in Erstwhile)

Spider Productions (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Spyralle (Location in Sanoria)

Stargazer (Location in Aetherea)

Star Journey (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

::Static:: (Location in Sanoria)

Stitched (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Stone’s Works (Location in Erstwhile)

StoraxTree (Location in Erstwhile)

Storybook (Location in Severina)

Story Collectors (Location in Aetherea)

/studioDire/ (Location in Tiny Town)

SWANK (Location in Erstwhile)

~*Sweet Revolutions*~ (Location in Falls of Hope)

Syren’s Song (Location in Severina)

Tai’Dyed (Location in Sanoria)

Talevin’s Designs (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

[TF] – Tamiron Forge (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Tayren’s Fantasy Fashions (Location in Falls of Hope)

Team ACTS (Location in Tiny Town)

ThatChick (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

tiar (Location in Sanoria)

~TIDAL~ (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Tiny Inc (Location in Tiny Town)

**Tir Na Nog** (Location in Aetherea)

Titans (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Touryuumon: Maho Sukuroru (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

[][]Trap[][] (Location in Erstwhile)

c( Two Cats One Cup) (Location in Sanoria)

TYLAR’S TREASURES (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

United InshCon (Location in Falls of Hope)

Unity Maxim (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Unrepentant (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

W-ZERO (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

Wasabi Pills (Location in Aetherea)

Whymsical Marketplace (Location in Pools of Ethuil)

Wolf and Raven (Location in Aetherea)

Wonderful World of Meeroos (Location in Tiny Town)

{ wren’s nest } (Location in Erstwhile)

Velvet Whip (Location in Aetherea)

VENGE (Location in Aetherea)

.Viki. Store (Location in Athenaeum Arcana)

VH (Location in Tiny Town)

*Xtal* Store (Location in Sanoria)

Yokai (Location in Tiny Town)

Zan’s (Location in The Bazaar Dungeon)

Zombie Suicide (Location in The Willows of Nienna)

Zuri Jewelry (Location in Erstwhile)

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