Roleplay 2019


There have been roleplay groups weaving special storylines tied to the Fairelands since 2014, and this year is not an exception! There will be three groups roleplaying within the Faire regions, weaving special storylines tied to the Fairelands. We will be following their path on the blog, but you can also catch them and perhaps even join the roleplay in the Fairelands!

We are delighted that two groups are returning from last year’s Fantasy Faire.  Once again we will have a dark roleplay from Sanctuary, who last year gave us the story of the Princess held prisoner in the Duzakh. Also the group formerly known as the Magpies return as the Bubo Owls (previously appearing as the Rickety Weasels, the Children of Echtra and the Lilypods).  We are very pleased to have a new fae roleplay group join us this year: Sindaria. They have an exciting story for Faire-visitors to follow and take part in if they so wish!

There will also be regular Meet ’n’ Greets with the The NeoVictoria Project at Tensors’ Flying Market. They have been a part of the Faire roleplay since the beginning, so they should have many stories to tell!  You can find more information about the Meet ‘n’ Greets here.

We will also be running our very popular roleplay classes, which this year will be located on Bayounimba. You can find out more about the schedule for the classes here.

Since last year we have also had tabletop gaming in the Fairelands: if you are interested in joining in their adventures, read more about them here.

History of Roleplay at the Faire
The Fairelands have hosted groups of roleplayers and been a part of their stories since 2014. Each group has made Fairelands come more alive, solving mysteries — often with visitor participation — and often saving even the Fairelands themselves in the process!

We will have several roleplay-groups embarking on adventures this year as well, but while you wait for more information on the dangers and threats they will face, why not take a look at the roleplay of the previous years?

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Roleplay in 2017
Roleplay in 2016
Roleplay in 2015
Roleplay in 2014

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