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Missed the Live Auction or want to re-watch it? You can check out the recorded video stream of it by Nyza Stillwater at the following address:

The traditional Live Auction is one of the highlights of the Faire. This is when unique items, including some of the Faire builds, sometimes even whole Fairelands, are auctioned off to benefit Relay For Life.

Bidding in the Live Auction happens through SL text chat. You listen to the auctioneer, Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, on Live Voice and text-shout your bids in response. If you are not at Genesia, you can listen to the Auction on Fantasy Faire Radio’s stream and bid by proxy by IMing your bids to Elayne Diavolo and OldeSoul Resident.

The Live Auction 2019 will take place April 28th, 1 – 6 PM SLT at Genesia.

The following treasures will be up for auction:
(List to be updated still, this is just an early list.)

– The whole region of The Shrine Tree
– Broken Orrery from Fairelands Junction
– Gate of Ishtar from Midas
– A baby troll from Trollhaugen
– A custom mermaid abode/shop aquarium from Department of Discarded Curiosities
– The Lighthouse from Nightshade Blossoms
– Elven walkway from Bayounimba
– German weatherhouse from Sanguinely Garden
– A spire from Tensor’s Flying Market
– Tree of Life with critters by Lilia Artis from Genesia
– The Sunken Submarine with assorted aquariums and fossil fish by Haveit Neox from Genesia
– ALL the cool buses
– Box in a Party with DJ Zander and Elayne as Hostess for a two hour party

All the official Fantasy Faire gachas from 2016 onwards will also be available, with the debut of this year’s gacha: Her High Faireness Treasures Gacha! If you don’t like games of chance, there will also be the popular Days of the Faire banner collection for sale!



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