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Your favorite dragon-borne party ship returns to the Fairelands, this time with a ten-day DJ dance party! Join in the fun on the Deck of the Fairechylde!

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The Faire DJs, the Party-Builders

DJ Aengel Vaneth (AngelKitty Skizm)
Aengel Vaneth is a simple lover of music, with the fondness of the experimental sounds that composers create and mixing them into variants of styles of music. Music is a passion, that led me to DJing, as it allows me to tell stories, and create emotional reactions from Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) to a tone that causes a mood shift within. This honor of giving back is to pay homage to the Relay For Life, for all they did for my Mom who passed with Ductal In Situ Carcinoma HERS- 2 Positive metastic cancer. And in her spirit, love of music and artistry, its come full circle to begin the fight onward with survivors, and caregivers. Never give up hope, and never allow this C word to conquer your soul. Together, we can overcome it all.

DJ Alsedel Llewellyn

DJ Astoria Luminos
Faelf DJ Astoria Luminos has been creating unique, eclectic playlists in SL since 2009, specializing in themed events. Genres you might hear her play include Celtic, world, rock, and folk music.

DJ Bard Wasp
I’m basically a blues dj although I’ve ventured into psychedelia as well. I’ve been working on Second Life for 9 years now. As to what kind of dj, well how about a fun one. DJing on Second Life is more about being an entertainer and having fun. So what you can expect? Fun……………………………..

DJ ColeMarie Soleil

DJ Dani (DanielRazorfang)
Music passions: Orchestral, Creative rock, Alternative rock, Powerful instrumental soundtracks, Metal, Anything that gets the creative mind flowing!
What to expect: Goofiness, casual conversation, crude yet silly humor, and some down right nutty games!

DJ David Abbot (Da5id Abbot)
Da5id Abbot shamelessly plays all the stuff you can’t admit you like in public: disco, cheese, novelty records… the man has no standards at all. Oddly enough, people seem to like it!

DJ Edward Pearse
Edward Pearse is a founding member of Radio Riel and has been DJing his various projects including Breakfast in Babbage and A Piece of the Action for almost 10 years. His musical tastes cover everything from 80s pop and Big-band Swing to Classical and Celtic music, with many diversions in between. Edward’s set at FF will be looking at fantasy movie soundtracks. Some from great movies, some from movies that have more cheese than fondue.

DJ Fizban Underwood

DJ G Winz (Gerrard Winstanley)
Global Beats DJ G Winz (Gerrard Winstanley) specialises in promoting new music released by small independent European labels – mixing free-flowing floor-filling jouissance-inducing hot club beat-matched blends of genre-bending jazzhop, retro-electro and world fusion; warped & wefted with vintage soul, funk, psychedelia, exotica and rare groove. For the Fantasy Faire 2018 he’s prepared a special set of sword & sorcery, myth & magic for our jail’n’bail event.

DJ Gabrielle Riel

DJ Gem Sunkiller
Gem plays an eclectic mix of then and now, classic rock and new hits, with a little rocking country tossed in for good measure. If you like high energy, you’ll love Gem’s sets.

DJ  銀 虹 Ginniji-san (Silverfox Rainbow)
Instrumentals, Movie Soundtracks, 70s, 80s, 90s.

DJ Glitch Axelrad
I play a variety of music from an extensive collection. I is able to adapt to any musical situation. I love playing and being creative with new and challenging sets. I have classics from to industrial and beyond. I can be seen at Club Zero on Saturday evenings. This is my second year playing at the Fantasy Faire and I am honored!

DJ Hazard Fizzle
I co own Club Zero, the first Industrial club on SecondLife. We have been opened since 2009. I play all sorts of genres with a music collection that ranges in the millions. I play from Industrial to Tribal, to remixes. I love all sorts of music and love to listen to a huge variety. You can always find me at Club Zero!

DJ Holocluck Henly
Holocluck Henly – aka Holodoc, Doc, or “Cluckey” – was developed along with a thousand others like him in the hololabs of Dr. Lewis Zimmerman in 2370. Utilising an autonomous projection device from the future, Holocluck has settled in the past as a fully realised individual. Retired from Starfleet, Holocluck spends his retirement exploring infinite cultures and worlds, making art, playing music, and helping where he can. In 2011 he had his matrix locked into a new default look in one final step toward individuality. Music always plays an important role in driving an artist, and somewhere during the course of his Second Life Holocluck began to share his music collection with friends for special occasions. Since 2012 he’s broken out into DJing at clubs and special grid events such as SL Birthday and Relay For Life. This is his sixth year on Fantasy Faire Radio. DJ Holocluck plays pop from the last 100 years and enjoys combining genres, eras and cultures.

DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino
I like to tell stories. I assemble songs into sets that have some kind of larger idea. Each song is a part of the story, ideally carrying the narrative and pushing it along so that, by the end, there’s an overall impression. I started as an on-line DJ in June 2005, pretty much on a whim. I’m fortunate in having had receptive audiences who cheer me on in my endeavours to tell stories with music.

DJ Lainey Thorne

DJ Lord of the Llamas (DanielRazorfang)

DJ Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena)
Hi. I’m Madonna Daehlie. I’m thrilled to be returning to the Fairelands for all of you. I prefer classic rock and dance music, and in between songs, share what is going on around the Fairelands, along with tossing in random facts and a joke or pun or two (bad or not? you tell me). I’m looking forward to seeing all of you and sharing some fun music with all of you!

DJ Magz K (Magdalena Kamenev)

DJ Martin Glom

DJ Nuala Maracas
Swing-Jazz, Classic Rock, 70’s, 80’s, Blues are the favorite musical sounds Nuala likes to listen to and play. Songs that you can sing along with or tap your toes to. Songs that bring back memories or create new ones. Nuala’s sets are entertaining, spontaneous, fun. She bets you can’t stop yourself from chair dancing a time or two.

DJ Nyza Stillwater
Nyza Stillwater is a thoughtful and enthusiastic DJ, providing musicscapes ranging from contemplative new-age to hard rock, and everything in between. He has been a DJ for the Relay For Life of Second Life Fantasy Faire for the last three years and intends to return again for the 2018 Fantasy Faire. His special gift is creating collages of music that help listeners connect with a story, with a place, with one another, and with themselves.

DJ Otenth Håkon Paderborn (Otenth Paderborn)
Otenth Paderborn plays with your head, because he believes that’s one of the most important places we experience music. At Fantasy Faire, he’s likely to take you from Enya to Eurythmics by way of Estonia.

DJ Princess CoCo (Atiya Baar)
DJ Coco/atiya baar from Norway. I have been on SL for 10 yers where I spend most of my time building for my store Tiar. I am a fairly new DJ, only DJing for around 2 years. I have a huge collection of Music, playing Rock to Pop.
I DJ at a variety of clubs in SL, where I relax from building at my store and for events… I am looking forward to Spinning some tunes for you at Fantasy Faire.

DJ Psycho (PsychoSoundWave)
Often shortened to “DJ Psycho”, this RL musician and SL DJ specializes in spinning the best in Industrial, Synthpop, Electro, Dark Electro, and other associated tendencies! 2018 will be his first time at Fantasy Faire, so go easy on him! 😉

DJ Random Aine (AineMari Flanagan)
A real life musician and music lover from birth. Aine has been playing at venues in and around the Second Life for more than 9 years now. Her sets span the whole genre, from Disco through to more hard-edged Tribal and Progressive sound. Although predominantly playing Folk, Celtic, World music, Pop, Rock and Oldies Aine has wide musical interests and a large song collection, enabling her to play a broad selection of music.

DJ Rik (Elrik Merlin)
Elrik Merlin has been a broadcaster since the days of the British pirate stations in the late 1960s. He has been a regular presenter on Radio Riel for the past decade where he presents programming across an eclectic range of genres, from Early Music to classic rock and folk. He is also co-presenter of the hit weekly TV show on design and designers in virtual worlds, Designing Worlds, which also has its 10th anniversary this year. As a long-standing performer at Fantasy Faire, he’s proud to have been invited to support Relay For Life and Fantasy Faire again this year. He’s playing two sets this year: the first a journey into rock and folk and the second a relaxing chillout trance set.

DJ Shinobi (Neylinn)
DJ Shinobi is one of the spookiest cookies on the grid or so she thinks. This DJ is a self proclaimed “BeatMonster” whose genres mainly range from Metal, Industrial.Goth, Dark/Neo Folk, and Witch House. What one can expect during a set with DJ Shinobi is that you will bop the whole time to a very spooky but unique beat.

DJ Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash)
~ Co-Founder Relay Rockers ‘Walking Strong Since 2005′
~ 2009 Spirit of Relay Winner
~ 2014 RFL Hall of Fame Inductee
~ 2016 AviChoice Favorite Radio DJ
~ Broadcasting in Second Life since 2005
~ On Air Host of T1Radio’s Time Machine (Sundays) & Rockin’ Happy Hour (Wed)
“Classic Rock is the Sound Track of my life. Growing up in the 1960s molded my musical tastes and my playlists reflect that,” T1Radio “Classic Rock the Way You Like It” streams 24/7 in and out of Second Life.

DJ Vasa Vella

DJ Zander Greene
DJ Zander Greene of Fantasy Faire Radio has been working in radio, film and theatre since shortly after the late Neolithic period. In all those years, he hasn’t found anything he enjoys more than spinning for Relayers. Apply. Rinse. Repeat as needed.

DJ Zaps (KhaleesiShinn)

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