Live at the FaireChylde


Your favorite dragon-borne party ship returns to the Fairelands with a ten-day DJ dance party! The FaireChylde has landed in The Celestial Plain, and in addition to the parties on the ship deck we will also have One Team parties in Urafiki.

Check out the party schedule!

The Live Musicians

Anj (Andreus Gustafson)
I use computers and multiple instruments to perform a variety of rock-oriented music with a definite tilt towards an electro-prog influence. I have been performing live in Second LIfe since the summer of 2007 and I am always happy to perform for creative events such as this. I look forward to seeing you all there.

Corwyn Allen
I am a folk singer and guitarist having performed in RL for more years than I care to think about. I perform a varied and sometimes eclectic mix of American, Irish, Scottish, and English folk music, both traditional and modern. Glad to be a part of the fight against cancer, and FF is such a fun way to do that.

Dizzi Rockstar (Dizzi Popstar)

Ichie Kamachi
“With a voice reminiscent of such Jazz greats as Nina Simone and Billy Holiday, this songstress has made a name for herself in SL with her repertoire of jazz and blues. That is not all she does however, an Ichie show may also include country, pop, light rock, Hawaiian and her trademark “Naughty Song”. Ichie may be one of the most versatile performers in Second Life. If you are looking for a voice that is sultry, sensuous, and as smooth as butter, who can both chill out a room and heat it to a frenzy, look no further. With a heart as big as her voice, I guarantee you will not be disappointed”

I had a sister who passed from cancer and while staying with her till she past, I found SL. I do RFL for her.

Keeba and the Tiny Maniacs

ღ KHIRON AMETZA ღ (Khiron Ametza)

Maggi has been a professional bassoon player for several decades and only recently took up singing. She especially enjoys doing big band and swing tunes, music from stage and film and the Great American Songbook.

Miss Cast (MissCast)
Pianist and vocalist Miss Cast plays jazz, blues and stuff in-between and is allways happy to contribute to Fantasy Faire!

Miss Longtail (Susan Braveheart)
A very musical little kitteh singing a wide range from jazz to blues to mellow rock to metal, all depending on mood and occation. I am looking forward to performing for Fantasy Faire to support a good cause and to help.

MrMikie String
I am a member of the Cure Chasers in Second Life, and I love to sing songs that I like. Any help I can give to aid in the battle with cancer pleases me. I know too many that are, or have suffered with cancer.

Nina Rose Setner
I’ve been singing my entire life, and in SL since 2008. I sing every genre and music is and has always been my life’s passion. Fantasy Faire is going to be so much fun–cannot wait to be part of this creative and magical endeavor!

Russell Eponym
His unique sound is characterized by his meticulous fingerpicking style, his soft lulling voice and charming British stage presence. Russell also plays mandolin, banjo and harmonica, though it is as a guitar player that he has become so well known and popular in Second Life. “He fully supports RFL and is thrilled to be performing at the Fantasy Faire.”

Skye Galaxy
A singer-songwriter from Austin, TX, Skye covers favorites old and new as both a singer and piano player. Having participated in a number of Relay for Life events over the decade he has been active on Second Life, he hopes to share his love of music and is excited to give back at this year’s Fantasy Faire.

Todd Rumsford
I have performed in the real world for 20 plus years with various groups as well as doing some studio work. Over the past 6 years I have been performing in second life and have met some wonderful friends along the way. I will sing a wide array of genres including country, folk, blues, Jazz, classic rock, R&B and oldies. I look forward to seeing you!

The Faire DJs, the Party-Builders

DJ Λϵngϵl Vϵrdaммnιѕ (AngelKitty Skizm)
Second year that I get to give back! They were there when my Mother needed them while fighting Ductal In Situ Carcinoma, HERS-2 stage 2, Breast cancer in laymen terms. Was there when she beat it, and there again when she was diagnosed with metastasized cancer stage 4. When she lost her battle, I became her voice to raise awareness, and funds to give hope back to those battling, and their caretakers/family. I promised to continue her work. I scream for all those with silenced voices, and stand next to those battling the unweaver with their loved ones, and support systems. My music tastes range all over he spectrum, and my sets usually tell stories. Like last year, I’ll dedicate one set in memory of those whos voice is silenced, and the second one will be for hope! We’re not going to watch the fairelands sink this year with out raising more than last years end count! Now, let’s do this! Let’s raise 100k this year!

DJ AineMari Flanagan
I tend to play Fantasy, Medieval , Filk, Scottish, Irish music and Everything in between! I love that this is the time a year everyone comes together to make Fantasy Faire the magical experience it has become!

DJ Anthony Wesburn
I am passionate about music and enjoy sharing tidbits about the artist or song as I DJ. I’m thrilled to have the honor of playing music for Fantasy Faire and doing a small part to support RFL.

DJ Ari Spark (Ariradel Bowenford)
It’s the A-Team! DJ Ari and her sidekick Adam have been bringing their brand of fun, and a wide variety of great music, to venues all over the grid for a number of years now.
We have a wide variety of music, whether it is country, southern rock, rock & roll, pop music or even new age . We strive to have fun and do whatever we can to ensure a fun experience for our audiences as well.
To be part of the one – team idea is something we are truly passionate about! To be part of the Fantasy Faire and help raise funds for Relay for Life and share in the experience of Fantasy Faire, to us is just amazing!

DJ Astoria Luminos
2019 marks Astoria’s 10th year of creating multifaceted playlists for themed events. Though occasionally shape- and size-shifting, you will rarely encounter her without wings. Fantasy Faire is her favorite SL festival, and as a lifelong bibliophile, she is excited to accompany two LitFest tours this year. Expect to hear mostly world music, with occasional surprises.

DJ Bain Finch (bainfinch)
Luvs music * Luvs Relay * Luvs Fantasy Faire * Need I say more?

DJ Bard Wasp
Born in a hurricane in a house that couldn’t keep a bucket or water out. Raised by a gal with no teeth and schooled by whippings……. I learned to love the blues. Been djing them on SL for the last 10 years now. Oh yeah.. I can’t rhyme or remember lyrics. Fantasy Fair is just full of super creative people who all have the same goals. To help our fellow man. I love that.

DJ Bella Kross Swordthain (bella1 Abbot)
Capt.of Bonanza Country RFLTEAM A Survivor /caregiver ,Music is Country Mix with Little classic rock, Being apart of Fantasy Faire is Our First year but to be One Team Fighting for one Cause to Fight Cancer Find a Cure Around the World.

DJ CǺмi ǺyǺ (Camilinha Aya)
I’m an industrial DJ, love to have fun while sharing the tunes i love with ppl, and doing that at this faire will give me the oportunity to help real ppl while i do what i love most.

DJ ColeMarie Soleil
Fantasy Faire is my favorite time of year in SL. I love the community and spirit of the event. I enjoy participating in Fantasy Faire each year. When putting together a set, I try and tell a story using sound and atmosphere to leave you with a lingering dream feeling.

DJ Craig Obscure
I am a beat mixer with a tendency to improvise, I love and spin Electroclash, Electro Pop, Dark Techno, Minimal Techno, Deep House, Witch House, old school House / Chicago House Trax and the love of my DNA: Old School Goth. I hardly prepare fixed playlists with cue points and stuff. That makes my sets definitely more passional and alive. Eventually it all boils down to having fun and enjoying the little things, and that’s how I like it and what I’ll bring to the FF.

DJ David Abbot (Da5id Abbot)

DJ DaveOSaurus
Full time petite .. occasional penguin. I like to keep things eclectic, playing the songs you know and love and the songs you don’t know you love yet. First time playing the Faire, super excited about being a part of it and can’t wait to share what I love doing most with all the fairegoers 🙂

DJ ÐεαĐ (Sinobyte)
I’m DJ DeaD and I specialize in playing extreme Dark Electro & Hellektro music. The darker the better. I am donating my time to this extremely worthy cause as my Father passed from Cancer and I feel it very important to help out and raise awareness on this issue.

DJ Elizabeth Tinsley

DJ Fiz (Fizban Underwood)
I am a tenured DJ that plays mostly blues but can also mix it up from rock to country. I love the Faire becuse it helps me fight the dreaded cancer and has my favorite theme. I love that we are now helping do this internationally via the Kenya project!! GO RELAY!

DJ Fuzzball Ortega
Fuzzball Ortega, owner of Steelhead Bay, has been DJ’ing on internet radio since 2012, on both Krypton Radio (as Gary DaBaum) and T1 Radio. Enjoys playing an eclectic mix of music, just to keep things different. His favorite event is Fantasy Faire, and after a couple of years, is excited to once again be spinning his tunes at the Faire.

DJ Gem Sunkiller
You never can be sure what genre I will be playing when I DJ, that’s why some folks call me the Whirlwind. I learned to DJ for Relay For Life, and love bringing the message of hope in song. I am pumped about being at Fantasy Faire because there is truly no place that embraces the One Team Spirit like the Fairelands–I am proud to call myself a Fairelander!!

DJ 銀 虹 Ginniji-san (Silverfox Rainbow)
This will be my third year performing at Fantasy Faire, I love the Spirit and the Message behind it, mainly performing instrumentals, movie soundtracks, 80’s, 90’s and some modern songs, Look forward to this every year now.

DJ Glitch Axelrad
We go through life always saying what can we do to help society be better? The constant answer is give what you can where you can when you can and every lil bit whatever it is in the end was more than what was there before you didn’t. I appreciate the opportunity to play and take part at such an amazing event that helps people in need and informs those who need it. The thought that a virtual reality world could come to make things so beneficial to the real world is astonishing. I love seeing what each person does to contribute to this event every time it comes around. I love that even as an entertainer I can help to spread the word of the Fantasy Faire, bring people together laugh, live, and love like minded people meet new people and learn that we all can make a difference in the end. I thank you again this year and every year I can be part of something so powerful and amazing. It humbles me to know I help make the event be what it is as a whole. Long live the Fantasy Faire for all it does.. and the many years and people it helps to come.

DJ ĦΔZΔRĐ (Hazard Fizzle)
Hazard has been DJing in SL for 10 years. He plays darkly psychedelic and sensual music. His sets are always dramatic and visual. Rock and Electro. Tribal and Experimental. “It’s been my honor to play music for Fantasy Faire for the last 5 years. It’s absolutely the highlight of my year in Second Life. Fantasy Faire is the best SL has to offer and I love to pull out all the stops for the Fairelanders.”

DJ Josie Day (JosephineLockheart)

DJ Kayla Flow (NatsumiAyaMisaki)
Kayla has been a DJ in sl since 2009. She has spun tunes at many different venues, among them are Avatars Radio, Wet Willies, the Blarney Stone and SL Cheer Squad events. She is the DJ for the performing group of the ‘Roos with a Dream’ RFL team, DJ Kayla and the Kangaroos. Her musical speciality is music to dance to in many genres from rock, pop and country to reggae, rock opera and metal, and spanning every decade since the 50’s with a particular love of the 80’s.

DJ Kelsey Şhiηη (KhaleesiShinn)
A British crazy girl that will not stick to one genre per set, but go from country, mainstream, rock to fantasy to mix it up and keep it interesting. I can’t wait to be at Fantasy Faire as I get to share my love of music whilst raising funds to help towards Cancer Research.

DJ Ktahdn Vesuvino
I’m more a musical curator than a DJ, assembling sets of music for a mood and a story. Fantasy Faire is a wonderful place for sharing ideas and collaborating on projects, while helping to remove cancer from our lives. ONE TEAM!

DJ Lia (Female Winslet)
I perform weekly at my home club, Vipera, where I do two types of sets: highly curated sets designed to tell a story through music and dance music sets that feature any type of music as long as it has a beat that moves your feet! I also do special events outside of Vipera that are always fun because I get to start from ground zero and invent something new! Feel free to join my group, Female Fandom, to hear about where I am next!

I’m very excited to be part of the Fantasy Faire this year. A hall mark of all my sets is my effort to be kind to others. I always close by saying to the audience that no matter who they are, and no matter where they are, I wish them the best. And I really mean it. So this is a chance to take that up a notch and try to contribute to making the world a tiny bit better by bringing us one step closer to eliminating cancer. I’m personally recovering from hand surgery, so being able to do this set will mean that I’m well on my way to recovery.

I know the songs we play can really move hearts and stir up a lot of feelings. In past RFL events, I’ve found that a lot of people message me during the set about their feelings, their stories and their desire to get involved and do something about this disease. I want you to know that if you want to message me during my set here, you can. I may not be able to answer immediately, but I will read whatever you have to say, and I will respond. But most important, please know that no matter who you are, no matter where you are, I truly wish you the best.

DJ Linnie (Carolinnea Erdheim)
Howdy y’all! I’m DJ Linnie and I will be broadcasting you to live from the heart of west Texas this year at Fantasy Faire! I’ve been DJing on and off since 2010 and I own Linnie’s Roadhouse Blues. I’ll be playing my own mix of blues, rock and country for you this year. RFL is dear to my heart as a former caregiver and I’ll be playing for Mike and Dortha this year:-)

DJ Madonna Daehlie (Madonna Milena)
Hi, I’m Madonna. I wear the strangest fantasy attire in the Fairelands. I tend to play a lot of classic rock, because sometimes the oldest things are the bestest. I’m glad to be back at Fantasy Faire, not only because of the amazing things that the Faire brings, but, the fact the Fairelanders are the best community in SL.

DJ Magda Kamenev (Magdalena Kamenev)
Fantasy Faire is one of the highlights of the year and I can’t wait to see the new avs, the new costumes, the new builds and the new narratives – not to mention new prizes in the Hunt! As for me, a mystery wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a pudding …

DJ Manfred Hancroft
I play a mixture of fantasy themed music, 80’s, classic rock, funny music, or whatever I’m in the mood for. I talk a lot, and I’m silly.

DJ Merek Tyrell
I play a variety, a little of everything, with some personal taste and twists to it. I am excited to do this at fantasy faire as my team has participated every year and we love a good cause.

DJ Metz (Metztli Witherspoon)
To me music is life and brings happiness to those around you, no matter what you play there is always someone out there whose affected by it in a positive way. As for being pumped about it, this is my first year doing it and i am excited about making people smile

DJ Nuala Maracas
DJing in Second Life since 2005, Nuala plays a variety of musical genres. Swing-Jazz, Classic Rock, 70’s, 80’s, Blues are the favorite musical sounds Nuala likes to listen to and play. New Rock of today that will be the Classic Rock of tomorrow is also in the lineup. Songs that you can sing along with or tap your toes to. Songs that bring back memories or create new ones. Nuala’s sets are entertaining, spontaneous, fun. She bets you can’t stop yourself from chair dancing a time or two. A fun fact? in 2008, Nuala won a grid wide DJ Competition sponsored by Spacial Audio. The prize? A lifetime license for SAM Broadcaster software! I love to DJ at the Fantasy Faire every year. Not only does it support a great cause, The Relay For Life of Second Life, but where else do you get to dance with dragons on a ship floating in the sky?

DJ Nyza Stillwater
This is my 5th year DJing at Fantasy Faire, and the 4th year DJing for the Literary Festival Region Tours. Last year, I prepared about 28 hours of music between roughly 13 sets or so. My music encompasses my vision of the Fantasy Faire worlds, and I honestly think I have the best job at the Faire! I love fantasy-inspired music particularly from video games, movies, and other various genres. I want my music to be as expressive as the Fantasy Faire sims themselves, so each playlist is specifically tailored to capture the mood and feeling of a world (this can take many hours to a few days for each one). It’s essentially the highlight of my year in Second Life and I’m forever grateful to the Fantasy Faire staff for giving me the opportunity each year to bring the musical majesty back to the Faire.

DJ One (onemodel Adored)
I love playing for Fantasy Faire because i think its important that we all relay, ive played at Fantasy Faire for a few years now on another account and this year i will be playing on my new account and continuing my journey to relay in the fight against cancer, my music is energetic, uplifting and aimed to make everyone dance and be happy despite whats going on in the world around them

DJ Otenth Håkon Paderborn (Otenth Paderborn)

DJ Patricio (retune)
Pat has played classical, jazz, and rock music for about 30 years (retired now), and is now found joy in playing a wide variety of music for you!

DJ Pяıиcešš Coco (Atiya Baar)
I have been DJ’ing for around 4 years now. I have had my store in Second Life, Tiar, for going on 11 years. I LOVE that I was able to join RFL and the Fantasy Faire to help with the amazing cause!

DJ Pru (prudencejekyll)
Despite my background in public radio, I’ve only been presenting music in Second Life for a few years. My musical tastes are quite eclectic, so there is no telling what to expect from my sets. I am excited and honored to be at Fantasy Faire this year, as it will be my first time presenting to such a large audience, and for such a good cause.

DJ PsychoSoundWave 
Hey there! I’m DJ Psycho, and I’m super stoked to be a part of Fantasy Faire 2019. This will be my second year jammin’ on the FaireChylde, delivering industrial and synth goodness to you from the heart of Oklahoma. There’ll be no “y’all” and “fixin’ to” though. This Psycho was imported from the UK! I hope to see you stomping on the decks of the FaireChylde for a GRAND cause! Cheers!

DJ Riff Gaffer
I love doing SL events – I’ve been in SL longer than many and I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to give back to the community. I’m passionate about music, and Djing is how I express that.

DJ Rik (Elrik Merlin)
Best-known as a regular presenter on Radio Riel and as co-host of the weekly award-winning Designing Worlds TV show, Elrik has been part of the Fantasy Faire Radio broadcast team for several years. He’ll be presenting his eclectic musical choices at three main events this year: a Classic Rock Party at the FaireChylde on Fri 19th (3pm); A Wizard In Earthsea LitFest Party in Trollhaugen on Weds 24th (3pm); and a special showing on Celestial Plain of the short film Arrivals & Departures with after-party on Thurs 25th (2pm).

DJ Rora ღ Vastranad (Stytchwytch)
I may be small but I play some big music…. everything from Chuck Berry to Buckcherry. You never know. This is my first year at FF; I’m excited and nervous all at the same time to be a part of this global initiative. Can’t wait to see you all.

DJ Rox Arten
I am an eclectic fun loving DJ with more than a decade of DJing experience. This will be my first year as a DJ at Fantasy Faire, though I have been a Fairelander for several years, I am looking forward to being more involved this year and sharing my love of music with everyone!

DJ Ruth Spiritor
As I have fond memories of my DJ slot at last years Fantasy Faire I was honoured to be asked to play this year. I will bring an eclectic set of tunes to entertain and look forward to sharing them. It is wonderful to help Fantasy Faire, RFL and the Cure Chasers.

DJ Samuel Dallin

DJ Sasha Allardyce
I’m a blues DJ who’s been in SL since March 2009 and a DJ since May 2010. I also play classic rock, soul, and all kinds of tunes! I love a good party, and firmly believe in interacting with my audience through chat as well as the tunes I play. Fantasy Faire gives me a perfect opportunity to help raise urgently needed funds for Relay For Life – a cause I strongly support and believe in, and to have a great time while I’m doing it!

DJ Sasha Fairywren

DJ Scorpion Swansen
CRAZY CANUK Fun Great Tunes Love Raising Funds and Meeting Like Minded Folks

DJ Shinobi (Neylinn)
DJ Shinobi is the self proclaimed “Spookiest Cookie” on the grid. Specializes in the genres of: Industrial, EBM, Electro, Synthpop, Goth, Metal,and Dark Folk. Believes in the almighty power of bopping. A DJ Shinobi set is a one-of-a-kind experience but you will find yourself dancing to the beat.

DJ Sinnocence (Alexa Gant)
Started to DJ just over a couple years ago cause I wanted to share with people the music I love. I play mainly Electro but lately I like to get stompier occasionally. Why do I want to participate to the Fantasy Faire? Well who wouldn’t 😛

DJ Smurfie Sands (Smurfie0611 Sands)
I have djed for almost 12 years in SL. I can play all kinds of music.. i want to be at the Fantasy Faire for my dear friend and partner in crime Mr Oldesoul Eldemar and love playing and raising money to help survivors and caregivers. Thanks to all the volunteers helping

DJ Step Portilo
My name is Step Portilo, I am captain of the Foundation For Life team and also DJ. The music brought me to sl, my desire to be able to share music with other people and to know that they really are there listening to you.
I am very honored by this invitation and be able to be in my first Fantasy Fairy participating as a DJ in my eighth Relay For LIfe SL, I am very excited and honored to be present at this very important event for life and beyond to imagine the incredible decoration of this event, already related to the theme of the event, the music and I will be preparing something more relax to match this wonderful and beautiful theme, very excited to be together soon with everyone.

Hugs for Life.

DJ Tamlorn Carterhaugh Wood (Tamlorn)
Hello, I have never missed a Fantasy Faire since I joined Second Life back in 2011, and since then I have deeply appreciated and inspired by the imagination and creativity I have experienced there. Having lost several family and friends to cancer, being able to support the efforts of the American Cancer Society to fight this horrible disease is an honor. My set will be snuggled right up to Beltane, and the music will reflect that, fantasy, neo-folk, pagan. Cheers!

DJ Trader Whiplash-Ballinger (Trader1 Whiplash)
~ Leukemia Survivor ~ Co-Founder Relay Rockers ‘Walking Strong Since 2005′ ~ 2009 Spirit of Relay Winner ~ 2014 Relay For Life of SL Hall of Fame Inductee ~ 2016 AviChoice Favorite Radio DJ ~ Broadcasting in Second Life since 2005 ~ On Air Host of T1Radio’s Time Machine & Rockin’ Happy Hour ~ Host of Relay Rap ~ Producer of RelayRadio I Relay for you and for me.  I Relay for my 3 awesome kids, and 4 grand-kids. I Relay for my caregivers Arizona & Nuala I Relay for all those who have heard the words You Have Cancer, and for all who have been touched by these diseases. I Relay to thank past donors for helping me beat my cancer and to assure that in the future others will have the same and better medicine to support them.  The American Cancer Society is the world’s best hope to contain, control and cure cancer, but they can not do it without our help.  Please join the Rockers and me and lets make a difference!

DJ Wolf Hartnell

DJ Vasa Vella
I have been in SL for 12 years, and the Fantasy Faire has been the highlight of that time. I have always love the camaraderie of the Faire. Usually I play whatever music catches my fancy. Anything from tribal to traditional.

DJ Ѵɩɳα (Davina Innovia)
As a wee petite faerie, I like to take magical journeys through music, evoking feelings and memories of times long past, faraway lands or times recent. Fantasy Faire to me is the entire experience; from the shopping, incredibly detailed sims, special programs, the Quest, and of course raising money for a cause that effects all too many.

DJ Zander Greene
Fantasy Faire Co-Founder, Zander Greene spins it all from show tunes to Wagner (which is just show tunes for snobs, really). Faireland anthems, Disney soundtracks, atonal Icelandic folk music…no wait, we made him promise NOT to do that. Whatever the set, there is nothing he loves more than playing for Relayers in the Fairelands!

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