LitFest Tour: The Halls of Story

The Faire is brimming with stories: breathtaking builds and fantastical creations designed to touch your heart and soul.  What stories do they inspire in you? We invite you to put your Fantasy Faire experience into words.

The Halls of Story (Elicio Ember) 

Once upon a time there was a race of ancient beings, older than humans, older than dwarves, some say even older than the elves and the folk. These beings were story-tellers and song-singers, their songs and stories shaped many cultures. This is their Hall. Here they gathered many of their tales. Some were light and happy, some were sad, some were dark. Some were even dangerous.

As the aeons passed, these beings faded into story themselves, and the hall fell silent and in the end, it was forgotten. It was the Elves who found it anew, restored it, and opened it and its tales to all races and realms. Since then, the Halls of Story have gathered tales from many times, races, and places, and some say…even many realities. Welcome to the Halls of Story.

The Halls of Story is where the Literary Festival of this year takes place.  It also features the docks for the dragon-borne party ship Fairechylde, where the Fairelanders gather to dance the night away!

Seeds of Story

These are suggestions. Be inspired by this land and write what you desire.

The famous Fairechylde airship, who landed here to visit the  halls and consult the tomes? Notice the land below the halls, what might be hidden there?

To what use are the many halls now purposed? Does that differ from the past? Who tends the plants and pathways? Who studies at the halls, and who tends those?

Are those arches beneath the main hall bricked up? What happened to the builders of this hall?

The statues, furnishings and probably students are elven, but who came before? Imagine starting or ending your studies here. What did you learn or hope to learn?

Share your work by submitting your piece either inworld or by email to be posted online along with others inspired by the same region. Some of the these tales will be chosen for broadcast on Fantasy Faire Radio, and may also appear on the Fantasy Faire channel on You Tube. If you do NOT wish your work broadcast, please indicate this on your submission.

You  retain creative ownership of works shared

Submit  your writing here:

1. Email to OR

2. Drop a notecard into the LitFest Tours Submissions mailbox at Fantasy Faire LitFest home base.

Thank you for participating in the LitFest Tours! We welcome your feedback on this experience, which can be submitted in the same ways as your writing.

See more about the LitFest Tours here!


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