Jail and Bail

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Jail and Bail is a long-standing Faire tradition of the Fairelands Sheriff’s Association apprehending well-known criminals and imprisoning them. For some reason the said criminals are often found amongst our creators and world builders, much to everyone’s shock and dismay. The Tiny Sheriffs tend to be merciful if enough donations are gathered in the RFL kiosks present at the public jailing.

During the long years of faithful and waffle-driven service the Sheriffs have imprisoned Faire Folk from innocent petite fairies like Yuna Yuadl of Ankle Biter to more imposing figures such as Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc. Since 2015 the Pawcifers have gone after even bigger scoundrels and arrested Lindens, year after year! In 2017 a part of the paid Bail involved the Faire Folk getting more Faire days!

Nothing To See Here No Pictures Move Along !.png
“Nothing to see here no pictures move along!” Commander OldeSoul Eldemar, picture by Alisaundra Andel.

Please be at your best behaviour when in Fairelands, and pay your fines pre-emptively into the RFL kiosks!

The Jail & Bails of 2018

Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

Saturday April 21st, 5-7 PM SLT: Jessica Lyon, the Firestorm Developer – Music by DJ Gerrard Winstanley.
Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo 

Wednesday April 25th, 1-3 PM SLT: Lindens, A Cage Full of Lindens! – Music by DJ David Abbot.
Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

Thursday April 26th, 3-5 PM SLT: Bee Dumpling of Silvan Moon Designs – Music by DJ Martin Glom.
Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

Friday April 27th, 2-4 PM SLT: Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.
– Music by DJs David Abbot & Zander Greene.

Sunday April 29th, 11AM-1PM SLT: Clover & Dru: Infamous Tinies!
– Music by DJ Gem Starkiller.
Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

Tiny Sheriffs - Much Ado About Nothing
Fairelands Watch in Messina – the Long Paw of Law is really long! – picture by Wildstar Beaumont.

Induction into Fairelands Watch

Dear Fantasy Faire Fans, this Vurry Sekritful and Confidenshul Documant was obtained by your fearless correspondent who currently works undercover, pretending she is a dedicated member of the aforementioned group of rather suspicious tiny individuals. As no price is too high when it is about keeping you properly informed, she will continue her investigations into the sticky doings of this miniature paramilitary troop… as long as her cover remains intact and un-nibbled.

“Yay! We are da proud Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs and Constables of the Fairelands Watch, and this year our contingent has been extended by a vurry dedicated unit, Da Fairelands Medics. They are a tewwifyingly efficient division, and there is no health issue they cannot cure with a stock of bubble wrap, lollipops, sticky maple syrup, bandaids and a magical unicorn ambulance! Although they are pawfessionals (you should read the Hippopotamus Oath they swore!), we recommend you try and stay healthy during the Faire… one may never know.

Da Watch is shepherded by High Sheriff OldeSoul and High Sheriff Zander. Other titles are Sheriff, Deputy Sheriff, and Constable. Now, between us – the titles mean little other than to fit in the plays we will be participating in. We are not Faireland Security – we are in an entertainment role as are the roleplaying groups. We are here to add atmosphere (and, sometimes, waffles…) to the Faire.

Our primary role is to help with the Jail and Bails. We will inform you of the times and locations and, of course, the identity of the Jailbirds arrested by the vigilant officers of Da Law… errm, Da Paw. Be there in time, especially for Alia’s: you need to be there early to get in.

When we haz a Jail and Bail, we get to be the “bad guys”. Everyone will be coming to try to bail out the prisoner and sneer at us. We get to raise all sorts of trubble and shout and harass the prisoner, and laugh – as ebilly as we can! The bail amount isn’t determined by us. Our job is to hit that number!

Other than that… while you are cruising about the Faire be friendly and kind, warrant book close at paw. Please help by giving directions, helping poor lost souls. You may ‘Fine” people 5 Lindens for looking awesome, for walking on the grass, just be creative! Have fun and let them know the Pawlice are here to pertekt them. You can direct them to a RFL donation kiosk as well.

Main thing !!! WE are here to add to the enjoyment of the Faire, if people are laughing, and having fun wif yer menacing adoreyableness – that is GREAT! GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!

Now, if sumone appears to be getting annoyed, just say have a nice day and scoot along. Do not pussh it and do not get upset. Call me or call Zander if there is an issue.

Yew are all hereby inducted into The FAIRELANDS WATCH!! BE safe out there friends!!


OldeSoul Resident
High Sheriff

… and behold the Hippopotamus Oath! Your correspondent had to bribe Da Awtorities in order to get an authentic copy… please appreciate her altruistic efforts, and enjoy!

“I swear by the Great Waffle and the Eternal Fountain of Honey Syrup, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my bestest pawbility, this oath.
I will hold His High Sheriffness equal to my own parents and make him partner in my waffles and, when he is in need of bacon, share mine with him.
I will use gauze, bubblewrap, lollipops, defibrillator and anything else we deem necessary as treatment to help Tinies, Biggies and all the Faire Folk according to my bestest pawbility, but never with a view to injury. However, my mischief making will be looked upon mercifully by the Great Waffle, so y’all, beware!
And whatsoever I shall see or hear in the course of my pawfession, I will never divulge… unless it is about the hiding place of the cookie jar.
Now if I carry out this oath, may I gain for ever reputation among Tinies, Biggies and all the Faire Folk; but if I break it, may I never touch a morsel of waffle, not mentioning bacon, for the rest of my life.

Sweared in by His High Sheriffness as Faire Medics:
Passion (HerPassion Resident)
Syn Dark (SynDarkness Resident)
Avariel Falcon, Dark Unicorn Extraordinaire

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