Fairelands Quest: The Lair of Lantoris


A child stolen …

His parents on a frantic quest to save him …

A dark servant of the Unweaver with formidable powers …

Only you, apprentice of magic, can rescue the child.


The Bard Queen’s grandson has been stolen … his parents, the Princess Flora and Garius the Winter King are determined to rescue him.

But Oswain has been carried to the lair of Lantoris, a disgraced mage and follower of the Unweaver. His skill at protective spells is so advanced — can you penetrate his barriers?

It all depends on you, apprentice of magic,  to gather the ingredients to create the spells that Flora is researching. And then to venture into Lantoris’ realm, where Garius is desperately seeking his son.

You’ll be braving dangers … and finding those who may help you … including a companion with a mind of his own!

All to find the stolen Child!


Chapter 2 is now live! Please go to any of the locations where you got your Quest HUD originally, and locate a free update HUD. Remove your original HUDs, wear everything in the update box and remember to read the Chapter 2 Update Instructions!

This chapter takes place completely in the Faireland of Thornfast, which will stay around through Wednesday, May 8th! The rest of the Fairelands will fade to the Mists after Sunday, May 5th, so make sure to finish the first chapter before that!

Vendors for the Quest HUDs and the update HUDs are now out at the landing points allover the Fairelands, but if you want to be traditional, journey to Fairelands Junction!

PS: If you’re stuck on your quest, we have a Troubleshooting FAQ Page! If you want to see the prizes beforehand, we also have a Prize Catalogue available.


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