Fairelands 2019

Every year the Fairelands return to us in new shapes and forms, bringing with them new lands and creatures, mountains and forests, streams and lakes, and such stories that one could spend the whole Faire trying to puzzle them out and still scratch only the surface.

We have sixteen Fairelands this year, divided into ten Shopping Regions and six Special Regions.

Fairelands Junction – picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou)

Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project

Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus.
Fairelands Junction is the Heart of the Fairelands, the entry point, the link that binds them all together. Here you can find Portals to the other Fairelands (if you do not wish to walk), Memorial candles, and this year’s Worldling Collection.

Bayounimba – picture by Justen Tyme

Sponsored by ~*Sweet Revolutions*~

Bayounimba by Sweetgwendoline Bailey & Mondi Beaumont.
For many centuries the kingdom of Lunimba lay in lush green forests, while its diverse inhabitants lived in harmony with nature and themselves as artists, artisans and musicians of wide reknown. But the world changed, dark powers rose as friends became strangers, became enemies until even the incomparable peace of Lunimba had fallen to a dark horde that aimed to wipe it from the map forever. Time passed, the world changed and the city with it. Now, nestled in a swamp, Bayounimba stands where Lunimba one stood, and in the distance one hears music, voices and lively hustle and bustle; are these the sounds of today, or a half-remembered echo of its former glories?

The Celestial Plain – picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou)

Sponsored by Elysion.

The Celestial Plain by Syn Beresford.
The home for the Fairechylde, our beloved dragon-borne party ship. This is where the majority of the DJ-parties and activities will take place.

Department of Discarded Curiosities – picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou)

Sponsored by Epic Toy Factory

Department of Discarded Curiosities by Mayah Parx.
The Department of Discarded Curiosities collects and throws about all manner of whimsical clutter. The D.D.C have a calamity of unread lists, thought up categories and stupendous amounts of tossed aside labels, a testament, however unsuccessful, to their attempts in cataloging and organizing the wares Their work has resulted in a wonderful pandemonium of color and curiosity.

Faireholm – picture by Caitlin Tobias

Sponsored by Jinx

Faireholm by Kayle Matzerath.
A vast City with lots of colorful houses, shops and a huge castle where the main streets meet. A tribute to the sun and all the golden harmony it brings, the city of Faireholm is a beacon of hope to any who seek refuge from the dark.

Genesia – picture by Caitlin Tobias

Sponsored by Safe Waters Foundation

Genesia by Haveit Neox & Lilia Artis.
The main build on the water surface of the sim is an island with the Tree of Life spewing out waves of animals. The creatures give light and colour to the black night sky as they travel across the archipelago of islands. Below this living landscape, deep down in the sea, is a modern city darkened by the depths and absolute abandonment of life. The streams of city lights are not powered by stations, but reflective surfaces catching the light from above.

Arts & Performance Region. Here you can find our annual fantasy art gallery, and witness amazing dance and particle performances.

The Light of Va’loth – picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou)

Sponsored by Titans & Solarium

The Light of Va’loth by Kilik Lekvoda.
Protected by nature, but now taken back by her, all that remains from this glorious city is its eroded, yet elegant, architecture – in times past, built in wood and stone, but now humbly dressed by natures garments, time, and solitude.

Midas – picture by Justen Tyme

Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Midas by Alia Baroque.
Where rivers meet, the jewel of the ancient world is born. Follow the trail of incense through baths and gardens to meet the one that will touch your heart of gold.

Nightshade Blossoms – picture by Justen Tyme

Sponsored by Secrets of Gaia

Nightshade Blossoms by Rowan Thursday & Kylie Todriya.
A glimpse into a quiet, peaceful world of starlit tranquility through a window into a land time forgot, from the orient to the uttermost West.This realm will take the Path through blossoming trees to follow a trail of enchanted lamps to stores selling exotic wonders of many realms, centered around a lantern-lit fountain, its flowing waters shining in the lamplight.

Sanguinely Garden – picture by Wildstar Beaumont

Sponsored by United InshCon

Sanguinely Garden by Eldowyn Inshan & Katz Republic.
Mankind destroys its own environment. and the animals and plants are building a new home. The garden with its inhabitants shows them a new way.

The Shrine Tree – picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou)

Sponsored by The Looking Glass

The Shrine Tree by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee.
If you just know how to turn, you can get there from anywhere. It’s a little slump to your left while turning slightly to the right and letting one tear roll down your cheek. Whisper a name and suddenly you’re there- the place where shrines go when they turn to dust. Where they celebrate their lives all which started with the departure of another. The memories they kept alive have all faded away but the shrines remain. The forever reminder- “We lived- We loved- We were here!”

Tensor’s Flying Market – picture by Wildstar Beaumont

Sponsored by Rivendale, The Nerdy Bird, Dyisi & Gwen Enchanted

Tensor’s Flying Market by Lrriven.
Suspended high above the Isles of Mayhem, this Mecca of endless antiquities and curiosities is one of the Dreaming’s most wondrous of destinations. The winding streets of this chaotic market have everything you have ever wanted, and everything you will ever need. Come marvel at the sights! but take care that you do not get lost in the maze.

Thornfast – picture by Justen Tyme

Sponsored by Curious Kitties.

Thornfast by Tansee & Delain Canucci.
The region for the Fairelands Quest, now also hosting tabletop games throughout the Faire.

Trollhaugen – picture by Caitlin Tobias

Sponsored by The Lost Unicorn Gallery.

Trollhaugen by Beq Janus & Elizabeth Jarvinen (polysail).
The home for the Literary Festival.

Twilight Spring – picture by Justen Tyme

Sponsored by Roawenwood

Twilight Spring by Searlait Nitschke.
Dark elves that follow the Church of Eilistraee. A temple/community/waypoint between the Underdark and the surface world. Primarily a place for Drow leaving the Underdark to acclimate themselves to surface living. Welcomes all. Dance, music, celebration.

Urafiki – picture by Caitlin Tobias

Sponsored by Spyralle.

Urafiki by Eclair Martinek.
Region for the One Team Initiative, also hosting many DJ parties and live singer performances.

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